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WE Board Elections

This fall, two positions on the WE Board of Directors are open for election:

  • President-Elect (one-year term; three-year commitment as President-Elect, President, and Past President); 
  • Treasurer (two-year term).

Nominees will be invited to a call with membership to discuss their qualifications and interest in the position- scheduled for October 6, 2020. Shortly after this call, the Board will approve the ballot. The ballot will be made available to WE members immediately after approval. Voting will be open from October 7, 2020, ending at 11:59 PM on Monday, October 26. Election results will be announced the following week.

President-Elect Candidate Statements

Emily Bango

Description of qualifications:

I am currently a regional MERL specialist with Internews. Prior to this position I was an independent evaluator for three years - focusing on evaluations for international human rights and democracy programs funded by the USG and other donors. I've also served in roles where MERL was an element of my job within overall project management of international development programs. I've served on the WE board for the past two years - first as the Mentor Minutes Coordinator and currently as the Community Engagement Committee Chair, overseeing WE's Evaluation without Borders (EWB), Mentor Minutes, and Scholarship efforts. 

Vision for the position, if elected. What would you like to accomplish in your role as a Board member?

If elected, I would seek to continue the excellent work that WE has carried out over the past few years while guiding continued, intentional growth. I want to support the President and the WE board to expand WE's reach within the DC area evaluator community and with the local NGO community to offer our services to a more diverse group. I would love to provide more local NGOs with the knowledge and capacity to access WE's offerings and to continue to strengthen ties and collaboration among evaluators in our region - and among WE and other AEA affiliates. I am focused on integrating antiracist principles into our activities and encouraging and providing resources to facilitate integration within the evaluation community writ large. I recognize that I am not an expert and will seek to ensure that the board has access to the thought leaders and activists that have been doing this work for a long time. In summary, I see my focus as a President-Elect to expand our reach, support more community engagement, and integrate antiracism principles into evaluation practices. These efforts will be guided by an inclusive strategic planning process and implementation of that plan - which I will work with the President to carry out responsibly and effectively. 

Treasurer Candidate Statements

Jessica Pomerantz

Description of qualifications:

My financial experience runs the gamut from taping my boss' receipts to copy paper, typing up a spreadsheet of expenses, and scanning it to Sweden (the protocol for the expense report of the Permanent Observer to the United Nations for the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance) to entering accruals into ASIST for all the MEL platforms I manage as M&E Specialist for the Middle East Bureau at USAID. The more I think about it, the more I realize my career hasn't changed much. Washington Evaluators has always been there for me, from my grad school days in DC until now, and I'm happy to lend my volunteer time. I so thoroughly enjoyed the pro bono evaluation work last year and many other features since I began my federal evaluation work via Presidential Management Fellowship in 2013. I haven't been a treasurer for an organization since high school ecology club, but I'm super excited to join the Washington Evaluators team. In college I was a board member for a non-profit art organization that worked with homeless and at-risk youth. Also at the same time, I became a program analyst at the Institute for Public Policy, adjacent to the University of New Mexico, where I was a student. So in a way, my board volunteer experience and my evaluation career ramped up at the same time. Now that I'm mid-career and it's post-Evidence Act passage I'm looking to get more involved in the professional development of upcoming evaluators.

Vision for the position, if elected. What would you like to accomplish in your role as a Board member?

All treasurer responsibilities, including: High standards, integrity, internal controls if needed; Receive and reconcile bank statements; Manage the filings: 990, 1099s if any; Identify and manage risk; Confirm contributions, Track volunteer time; Budget planning and evaluation; Timely financial reports; Recruit the next treasurer. Other: Informal advice and support to the board; International development perspective on Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning.

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