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Volunteer of the Year Award

Volunteer of the Year Nominations

Nominations for the Washington Evaluators Volunteer of the Year Award are accepted from any member of the organization in good standing. Please submit nomination(s) by Monday, December 12th.


The Washington Evaluators Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes outstanding volunteers who provide dedicated and selfless service to the organization and the Washington, DC evaluation community. Recipients will have made significant contributions to the success of the organization's goals and mission attainment throughout the year.  


Washington Evaluators member in good standing; active involvement with the Board of Directors, a committee or task force, or substantial contributions to an event or other volunteer activity; significant contributions of time to Washington Evaluators and not a previous recipient of the award. The current president and president-elect shall not be eligible.  


Any member in good standing may nominate another member. Self-nominations are accepted. Nominations must include the following information:

  • Nominee's name
  • Description of how the nominee meets the award criteria
  • Summary of the nominee's leadership roles and service
  • Description of the benefits to the evaluation community of the nominee's contributions


The current president and president-elect shall select recipients of the award. The award will be presented at the Washington Evaluators annual meeting.

Past Recipients

  • Nick Zyznieuski, 2017
  • Patricia Moore Shaffer, 2018
  • Melissa Chiu, 2019
  • Esther Nolton, 2020
  • Courtney Carr, 2021

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