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Embodying Antiracism Principles and

Practices in Evaluation

Statement by the Washington Evaluators Board of Directors – Effective August 2020

Updated: October 1, 2020

Washington Evaluators (WE) understands anti-racism to be an “active process of identifying and eliminating racism by changing systems, organizational structures, policies and practices and attitudes, so that power is redistributed and shared equitably.”1 WE also understands that evaluation training and practice are privileges that are not exempt from systemic oppression—that oppression pervades our environments, hides beneath data, and emerges in biases. We are committed to upholding the principles and practices of anti-racism through diversity, inclusion, representation, justice, and equity in our programs, marketing, events, membership, and community engagement.

Our Commitments to Doing the Work  

LISTEN: We will listen to our Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) community members to understand their perspectives, ideas, and lived experiences in relation to diversity, equity, justice, and inclusion in evaluation. 

LEARN: We will do the work—on an individual- and organizational-level—to identify our complicity in the current system and enable actions that integrate antiracist principles and practices into our personal and professional lives. 

GROW: We will use our knowledge and position to advance positive contributions within the evaluation community, as a whole, that increase equity in communities of practice, principles, and policies.

SHARE: We will amplify antiracist methodologies and practices in evaluation through our website, weekly digest, social media, AEA network, and professional development opportunities.

Our Pathway Toward Progress





Examine how internal priorities
and actions overlap with
antiracism, diversity, inclusion, representation, and equity.

Evaluate our principles and practices in partnership with our community.

Intentionally and publicly integrate these practices
into our programming,
mission, and vision.

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1Cited from the National Action Committee on the Status of Women (NAC) International Perspectives: Women and Global Solidarity as referenced on the Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre webpage – ‘Anti-Racism Defined’.

(c) 2017 Washington Evaluators

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