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Quarter 3 Update

Thu, October 31, 2019 6:30 PM | Deleted user

In this quarterly update, I wanted to focus on several of the more quantitative targets and milestones the Washington Evaluators Board established earlier this year. This update provides a quick snapshot of our 2019 Action Plan, and our progress toward our objectives. If you are interested in seeing more of the 2019 Action Plan, you can access it on this page.

Each update below includes a specific objective in the Action Plan, along with a description of an activity associated with that objective.

Objective 1.4:  Recruit and retain DC-based evaluators to support organizational sustainability.



In 2019, Washington Evaluators will increase total membership to 315 members. Baseline: 279 (as of Jan. 1)



As a professional association, membership is at the core of our mission. This year, our Board established a strong focus on increasing our membership in an effort to grow and diversify our community. Based on previous figures, we established a target of a 12% increase. As can be seen, we surpassed this target, increasing membership by 28% as of September 30. We have continued to grow into this quarter as well. As of last week, membership has grown to 382 individuals; an increase of over 100 members, or 37%, in less than one year.

One of the areas that could be attributed to this increase is the emphasis placed on increased communication and meaningful engagement, as noted below.  

Objective 2.1:  Encourage increased communication and meaningful engagement between Washington Evaluators members about evaluation activities.



At least five Deep Dive (book club style) events to read and discuss short written works on the current issues in the field of evaluation.



Objective 2.2:  Facilitate networking and introductions of members.



At least six activity-based networking events during which social interaction is facilitated by a structured activity. Preferably, the activity is related to evaluation (e.g., museum exhibits on social issues, walking tour including information on life in a neighborhood) and allows for mobility (rather than sitting in an assigned seat)



Objective 3.1:  Develop group opportunities for members and the DC evaluation community to develop professional skills.



At least two Field Trips to visit and learn about local programs (e.g., non-profits, local government) to support professional interaction with programs in different subject areas



This year, WE has organized nearly 30 events, including events co-sponsored with The Evaluators Institute and other evaluation affiliates. A few areas we wanted to focus on this year included the diversification of our events, including ways where members could discuss new methods and theories, social issues, and learn about local programs.

In addition to membership and events, we also wanted to professionalize our operations. This year, we started our election process early, calling for nominations in August and putting together a full slate of candidates in October. We have also included amendments to our bylaws, seeking to create a Community Engagement Committee, as well as a nine-month volunteer prerequisite for President-Elect candidates. This latter amendment was proposed as just one way to continue systematizing a leadership pipeline, ensuring that President-Elect candidates have experience in an area of Board operations before assuming their role.

To vote, please visit the online ballot by Monday, November 4.

Additionally, in order to more efficiently communicate directly with our members, we have also established dedicated email accounts for each Board member. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, please feel free to email a Board member at any time.

Objective 4.2:  Recruit and retain volunteers to support Washington Evaluators operations and continuity of leadership.



Elections will be conducted on time, consistent with the Washington Evaluators by-laws, and with a full slate of nominees in October 2019 at the latest. In 2019, a call for new Board Members will be publicized in August 2019, to ensure sufficient time to gather a full slate of candidates.

October 2019

October 2019

Objective 4.3:  Ensure the Board of Directors operates effectively and efficiently.



Create a branded email account, with dedicated accounts for various functions (e.g., general information, programs, communications). This email account will be established to further professionalize the association’s branding, as well as improve the efficiency of operations.

December 2019

August 2019

Next month, if you are attending the AEA conference, please feel free to stop by our co-hosted happy hour, along with other Eastern local affiliates. We hope to see you there or at one of our upcoming events later this fall.

Giovanni Dazzo
2019 President
Washington Evaluators

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