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Visiting DC: Local Resource Guide 2017

Welcome to Washington, DC

The Local Arrangements Working Group (LAWG) is excited to welcome Eval 2017 attendees to the nation's capital. We've compiled a few informational pages to help you get around the citysee the city's landmarks, and find restaurants near the hotel

All of this information can be found on our website or by downloading our Eval 2017 local resource guide (Eval 2017 Local Resource Guide PDF).

We're also excited to introduce a few initiatives this year, which we hope you'll consider joining:

Evaluation without Borders

This pilot initiative seeks to connect conference attendees with local community-based organizations in need of program planning, measurement and evaluation services. While conferences, and evaluation research, can often be extractive in nature, this effort aims to connect conference-goers in a way where they can meaningfully connect and give back to the Washington, DC community. 

You can learn more about this initiative and sign up here.


The EvalAction initiative in 2017 -- co-sponsored by the American Evaluation Association's (AEA) Evaluation Policy Task Force (EPTF) and Washington Evaluators (WE) -- facilitates you visiting Capitol Hill to speak with congressional staff, communicating the importance of evaluation and evidence to our government and our society. 

For more information, visit the EvalAction page (here) and please sign up using the on-line form (here). We encourage you to read through all the FAQs prior to signing up.

Group sightseeing tours

This year, we're organizing group museum tours during Evaluation 2017, so conference attendees can meet one other and experience some of the amazing museums and institutions that DC has to offer. The LAWG will be setting up group tours of 15-20 people at several places. Tour times will be scheduled to avoid conflicts with Evaluation 2017 concurrent sessions.

If interested in joining, please sign up so we can gauge interest for each group tour.

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