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Career Connections

The Career Connections is an initiative that connects WE members for short-term consultation  around professional pathways, receiving technical advice, and building professional networks.

The Career Connections program pairs emerging and transitioning evaluators (Advice Seeker)  - who can be aspiring, emerging, or even seasoned evaluators - with experienced evaluators (Thought Partner) in areas of interest for mutually beneficial professional connections. Advice Seekers can ask questions about building their careers, technical questions, educational opportunities. Thought Partner can provide feedback and advice on starting or transitioning a career, reflections on their professional experiences, and/or provide capacity building while improving their own leadership, mentoring, and consultation experience.

What is the time commitment?

Career Connections experiences are short-term and flexible. We ask for a commitment of a minimum of 2, one-hour meetings focused on discussing topics related to the Advice Seeker’s interests. Once the program coordinator connects you, both the Advice Seeker and Thought Partner are asked to independently schedule their interactions - scheduling a virtual meeting, a cup of coffee, or a quick bite to eat.

While WE encourages and hopes for meaningful professional development, neither the Advice Seeker nor Thought Partner is required to participate in a long-term relationship through this initiative.

How does it work?

People interested in seeking or providing career connections are asked to each complete a  three-minute registration form. 

Registering as a Thought Partner signifies your willingness to be matched at some point with a Advice Seeker that fits your expertise. 

When you register as an Advice Seeker, the program coordinator will reach out to let you know when you might expect a match.

Who can serve as a Thought Partner?

Experienced evaluators who are comfortable providing academic or professional advice and guidance can serve as Thought Partner. This can include advice on how to become involved in the evaluation community, sharing your experiences on how to start up an evaluation consulting practice, providing guidance on how to transition into a new field in evaluation, or giving general academic or professional advice. The main requirement is a willingness and interest in sharing your knowledge with other members of the evaluation community!

Who can be an Advice Seeker?

New, emerging, or seasoned evaluators can all participate as Advice Seeker. The only requirement is an interest in learning from WE’s evaluation community! The more information you provide on your registration form, the more effectively we can match you with a Thought Partner who fits your interests. After you’ve served as an Advice Seeker, we encourage you to register as a Thought Partner. We believe that everyone has valuable insight to share! 

Please note you must be a member of Washington Evaluators to register for the program as either an Advice Seeker or Thought Partner, and you will need to login to your account to access the registration forms.

Please note you must be a member of Washington Evaluators to register for the program, and you will need to login to your account to access the registration forms.

Thought Partner Registration Form

Advice Seeker Registration Form

Contact us:

Do you have additional questions about the Career Connections program? Please contact us at communityengagement@washingtonevaluators.org.

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