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Mentor Minutes

Mentor Minutes is an initiative that aims to connect current WE members to experienced evaluation professionals in the WE community through short-term mentorship opportunities.

The purpose of Mentor Minutes is to pair experienced evaluators (mentors) with aspiring, emerging, or seasoned evaluators (mentees) and establish mutually beneficial professional connections. Mentors can provide feedback regarding careers (starting one or transitioning to a different sector), reflect on their professional experiences, and help build the capacity and networks of emerging evaluators. Mentees, in contrast, will be able to glean insights from mentors regarding academic and professional pathways, technical advice, and general networking.

How does it work?

Once your form is submitted, the Mentor Minutes Coordinator will match mentors with mentees. Mentors will be notified of their mentee, his/her interests in being mentored, and how best to contact him/her shortly thereafter. Since separate forms exist for mentors and mentees, in can sign for both opportunities.

Click here to register as a mentee (WE members, please log in before accessing this form).

Click here to register as a mentor

What is the time commitment?

Mentorship opportunities are meant to be short-term and flexible. Mentors and mentees can meet over coffee, schedule one or two meetings, or grab a quick drink or bite to eat.

The time commitment thereafter is based on the mentor's availability. While WE encourages and hopes for longer-term professional development, neither the mentee nor the mentor is required to participate in long-term mentoring opportunities through this initiative.

Interested in being a mentor?

Mentors should feel comfortable providing academic or professional advice and guidance. This can include providing advice to a new or emerging evaluator on how to get more involved (e.g. groups to join, conferences to attend); sharing experiences on how to start up an evaluation consulting practice, providing guidance on how to transition into a new field of evaluation; or, assisting with general academic or professional guidance. 

Interested in being a mentee?

Mentees can include any new, emerging or seasoned evaluators that are interested in learning more from those in DC’s evaluation community. 

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