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Evaluation Without Borders

Please note that this page has been archived. If interested in participating in Evaluation Without Borders for Eval 2018, please visit the Ohio Program Evaluators' Group, which is organizing this year's initiative in Cleveland.

Giving back during Eval 2017

In the spirit of the Evaluation 2017 theme, ‘From Learning to Action’, this effort aims to provide conference-goers with a way where they can meaningfully connect and give back to the Washington, DC community. 

This pilot initiative seeks to match conference attendees with local community-based organizations and non-profits in need of program planning, measurement and evaluation services. 

In line with AEA’s goals, we hope to not only create opportunities where local nonprofits can begin to build their knowledge and skills to engage in evaluation, but to also create opportunities where evaluators can learn more about Washington, DC and the extraordinary work of those contributing to its vibrant communities.

No project is too small

To undertake these pro bono consultations, we're planning to create teams of out-of-town and local evaluators. Teams will work on projects that vary based on the needs and assets of each organization. These projects should be able to be completed after meeting with the organization during Eval 2017, as well as exchanging a few emails before and/or after the conference. Projects are likely to include on-site training on various evaluation topics for local staff, reviewing data sets, or assisting with evaluation design. To ensure that these pro bono consultations simply don't end with Eval 2017, Washington Evaluators members can continue to engage with each organization.  

How do I get involved?

Please use the form, below, if you're interested in volunteering. Just let us know a bit about your professional experience, program planning and evaluation skills, and volunteer interests. We’ll be scheduling pro bono consultations with non-profits on November 6-7, but do let us know if you’re interested in volunteering the weeks before or after the conference. We’ll then start the volunteer matching process, so you have enough time to plan your itinerary for Eval 2017.

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