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EVAL 2017 in DC

EVAL 2017:  American Evaluation Association Conference in Washington, D.C.

From November 6-11, 2017, the American Evaluation Association (AEA) will hold its annual conference in Washington, D.C.  Learn more about how you can get involved in preparing for the conference or in supporting the many evaluation activities related to the conference.

Latest Eval 2017 Updates


Conference Registration: Register for the Conference

Student Volunteers: Volunteer during the conference and receive waived conference registration. Learn more here

EvalAction Participation: Sign up to meet with policymakers to advocate for the production and use of evaluation in the Federal government. Learn more about EvalAction here. 

Evaluation Without Borders: Sign up to meet with local community-based organizations in need of program planning, measurement and evaluation services. Learn more about Evaluation Without Borders here.

New Professional Scholarship: Washington Evaluators is sponsoring a competitive scholarship for new professionals living or working in the DC area interested in joining the evaluation community to benefit their home organizations. Learn more here. 

International Visitors: Learn about travel to the conference site in Washington, DC and other opportunities for those visiting from abroad. Learn more here. 

Local Resource Guide: Want to learn about activities during your stay in Washington, DC this fall? Learn more in our local resource guide. 

More Information: View additional detail from AEA here

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